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No matter what has led you to seek out the services of a lawyer, one thing is true: You need someone to give you practical advice and counsel that is easy to understand. You need someone with experience handling your type of case and a record of success. Finally, you need someone who will guide you through the legal system and aggressively advocate for you until your case is resolved.

If you are unsure how a lawyer can help you with your situation, we invite you to learn more about our firm. Olsen & White, LLP, is one of the most established firms in the Evansville area. We have been a part of the local legal community for five decades, and our attorneys offer more than eight decades of combined experience. We have helped clients throughout Southern Indiana who need help with all types of legal issues, and we are proud to give our clients hope in what can feel like a confusing and intimidating legal system.

We understand that discussing your legal issue can be difficult, especially if you have never worked with a lawyer before. One of our highest priorities is making the attorney-client relationship as comfortable and positive as possible, beginning the moment you call our office to arrange a meeting.

Your Advocate When Your Rights Are At Stake

Every case we handle involves important legal rights. Where we excel is in figuring out the most efficient and effective way of resolving cases in our clients' favor, and in executing a strategy to do just that.

Our core areas of practice reflect our passion for helping people who need an aggressive advocate to help them through difficult times. Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Social Security Disability Insurance cases all require aggressive legal strategies as well as compassion. We are highly experienced in handling a wide range of legal issues, however, and regardless of what your case involves, we invite you to learn how our experienced legal team can help you.

To speak with one of our attorneys in a confidential consultation, simply call our Evansville office at 812-297-5528 (toll free 877-423-3143). You can also send us an email.