Government And Municipal Law Attorneys

Protect Your Rights With Olsen & White, LLP

As Americans, one of our most important rights is the ability to connect with our government, whether it is to get access to important benefits or contest a decision that directly impacts our lives.

Navigating the bureaucracy of government, however, can be a challenging task, even for people who are otherwise sophisticated with dealing with red tape and bureaucratic dead ends. In these cases, an experienced lawyer can make all the difference — and most importantly, help you protect your rights.

This is exactly what our firm does for people throughout Southern Indiana. Our attorneys have more than eight decades of combined experience successfully guiding our clients through the confusion of local, state and even federal government agencies. We take the legalese and stress out of dealing with government matters, and help our clients achieve their goals in a timely fashion.

Learn How Our Firm Can Help You

Anytime you must deal with government bureaucracy, our experienced legal team is here to fight on your behalf. Below are just a few of the examples of ways we have been able to help our Southern Indiana clients sort through government issues:

  • We have represented government workers, including elected officials, in matters relating to employment and compensation.
  • We represent property owners before Zoning Boards of Appeals.
  • We help people seek land use approvals and respond to housing code violations.
  • We guide people through the process of applying for and obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

If your issue involves a government agency, we invite you to contact us for a consultation with one of our government and municipal law attorneys. Simply call our Evansville office at 812-297-5528 (toll free 877-423-3143).